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CUES - Chilled Unit Energy Saver

What really matters - the temperature of the ambient air inside your walk-in or the temperature of the food or beverage itself? 


CUES Energy Saver cuts down energy consumption by ending the unnecessary cooling of the dead air inside the walk-in cooler or freezer unit. Instead, it more effectively maintains the temperature of the food or beverage.

The thermodynamics of food and beverage vary massively from that of air. A significant chunk of energy used is wasted attempting to keep the air cold while the food and beverage is at the desired and safe temperature.

Snowy Mountain Peaks

Impressive Energy 
Savings Await

Do you like the sound of savings up to 43% on walk-in coolers and freezers?

That's what CUES Energy Saver offers.

Reliable, High-
Performance Equipment

Reduce the pressure on your walk-in compressor units and improve performance, extending the lifespan by

up to 80%.

Accurate Temperature

Maintain the temperature of your food or beverage, not the air. CUES Energy Saver accurately controls the only thing that matters - the product. 

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